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Piano lessons that inspire...

Imagine you or your child getting the opportunity to study with international, award-winning performers.

Pianists who haven't just studied piano, they live it.

Now imagine, these same world class musicians coming to your home, becoming your mentor, and guiding you to lifelong musical fulfillment...

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Featuring a powerful, innovative approach to learning by combining in person piano lessons with video training.

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Whether you're advanced, a hobbyist, or a beginner, we have over 30 years combined experience and know just the right approach to produce extreme results.

We are international performers, composers, and collaborators.

We have won prizes in some of the very top piano competitions in the world.

In fact, one of our teachers, Chetan, recently became a Yamaha Artist. That's the same designation Elton John and Jerome Rose have!

Our students have also done really well, winning key competitions in the San Diego area while others have gone on to compete on the international level and get accepted to major colleges and conservatories.

As internationally renowned teachers, we have students all over the world learning our unique practicing strategy that teaches you to become your own teacher.

What does that mean?

It means that you're not just learning an instrument. We're giving you the keys to a lifetime of success with music.

You'll be able to take our tools and continue teaching yourself long after the time you spend with us.

Now doesn't that sound amazing?

Plus, we aren't just incredible pianists. We're also musical innovators.

We have years of professional experience in different styles of music.

We recently won Best New Artist in San Diego for our alternative rock band.

What this means for you or your child is we can adapt piano lessons to exactly what you're looking for.

Maybe your goal is to be in a band, be a composer, a DJ, learn about synthesizers or other styles of music, go to college, compete on a high level and win.

We've lived all of this, and we have just the right solution for YOU.

And because of this, we know how to make music cool and more in touch with our current musical landscape.

So are you ready to excite your musical learning experience?

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We are currently in high demand and have limited space available.

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Members of the Music Teachers Association of California

Yamaha Artist

International Competition Winners

International performances in concert and with orchestra

Performances in great venues such as Carnegie Hall

Co-founders of 'Skyterra' -alternative rock band, winner of San Diego's Best New Artist Award


Collaborative Artists

What to look for when selecting a teacher.

When selecting a teacher the first thing you need to look for is a top quality professional, someone who is also an active high level performer.

You want someone who can actually do, not just teach!

Also you want to make sure you have a good rapport with a teacher and that it's someone you're comfortable with being in your home as a role model.

When making your selection, often times, it's like anything else: you get what you pay for.

You want a professional to teach you a new skill or you may not learn that skill very well.

Many teachers skim over foundational aspects that are key to one's playing and understanding of music.


Because they haven't taken music that far themselves.

Watch out for these teachers.

You want someone that can tailor their teaching methods to your specific needs.

Many teachers only have a 'one size fits' all approach because they lack the experience to know any better.

We're sure you've heard the frustrated story of many adults who took piano as a child, quit, wanted to resume again, but have absolutely no tools to know how or where to begin again.

Maybe this is even your story?

And unfortunately, this is what a budget education looks like.

On the other hand, a professional approach ensures the student is able to use what they learn for the rest of their life.

You'll be able to know what you're doing and that you're doing it correctly. You'll be able to teach yourself even if you wait to come back to the piano years later.

Our flawless foundation is taught from the beginning so that from Day 1, you're beginning your lifelong passion with music.

Even if you're not a beginner, we make sure to cover this foundation for you so you can quickly take advantage of everything a high level education has to offer.

(Learn more about why a flawless foundation is so important for all types of pianists.)

The secret to having lifelong success is in HOW you work.

Most people tend to think that being good is about how much you practice, that if someone practices a lot, then of course they’re going to be good, and while this can be true…

The real truth behind it is, most of it has to do with how you practice.

It is about really owning the time you are at the piano. It’s about: Making. Your. Time. Count.

We've developed the most highly efficient and effective ways to practice, gathered from personal experience and our years studying with the most sought after teachers worldwide, that will help you advance faster and achieve seemingly impossible goals.

We strive from the beginning to instill in our students that building deep fulfillment takes delayed gratification and a patient approach. And we know how to make this cool.

Our ultimate goal is that our students will be able to teach themselves music and graduate into their own artist after working with us.

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The most powerful, innovative, and new approach to learning. In person lessons combined with video training.

In this modern day of instant gratification, getting a student to practice and really pay attention to detail is overwhelming, exhausting, leads to frustration, and students wanting to quit.

With piano and other skills, we all know it takes work and effort to have success and deep fulfillment.

You have to be patient in the moment to have impatient long term results.

Most teachers just come once a week and expect the student to then practice what they've learned on their own during the week. This can become frustrating.

Even just telling the student how to practice isn't quite enough because most students, especially kids, just aren't going to do it.

They will complain and scream and literally drive their parents insane.

We've solved this problem.

With our video training, when we're not there, we're able to show students exactly how to work.

This ensures a student is practicing the right way ALL THE TIME.

This also dramatically increases the speed at which a student can learn and their desire to keep moving forward on their own.

Now, this isn't a total replacement for a parent needing to be involved to make sure their child is working regularly.

But it is a major help in the right direction, and it allows the parent and student to work together, following along with exactly what needs to be done for success.

This is the most powerful training combination available on the market today for piano lessons.

This combination is unique to us, and you will not find it available anywhere else.

Ready to take the next step in fulfilling your musical dreams?

While our space is very limited, one of our teachers would be happy to have a quick chat with you to learn more about what you're looking for and to see if we're the right fit for you.

Even if it's not us, we can help point you in the right direction to what could be best for you. We're here as your musical resource for all things piano.

But make sure to call or message us now while there is still some space left!

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Learning piano is the foundation for all musical training.

If you're thinking about learning to sing or play any other instrument, the best foundation starts with the piano.

Anyone can learn piano!

You do not need to have natural talent to be good because it's all in how you work.

What to expect when learning piano for the first time.

Learning the piano is about learning a lot of small coordinations.

It's kind of like patting your head and rubbing your belly at the same time, but in many different ways.

Don't worry, we take all the guess work out of it for you, so you know what to work on and when.

But because of all these intricate coordinations you learn, nothing else helps exercise the brain in so many different ways quite like learning piano.

Learning piano makes you smarter.

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Advanced students gain the experience of professionals to guide them to artistry and high level goals.

What if you could finally get over the hurdle to win those competitions you've been dreaming about or have the confidence to be accepted to your top choice college?

If you have BIG dreams and goals, don't you want to be trained by someone who's already achieved those same dreams?

Don't you want to be trained by someone who's already helped others achieve some of those same dreams?

Because of our experience in some of the world's largest piano competitions and our training at top music conservatories, we know what it takes to truly be successful.

We know the mental mindset and the approach you should take, not just to play well but to compete well.

We know what it takes to be an artist.

We're teaching depth of musicality along with true technical mastery, and that's the secret that will take you to the next level.

We know what judges are looking for, how to present yourself, and how to prepare.


Melissa Creider has been teaching piano to my 10-year old daughter for the past year and a half. Prior to finding Melissa, my daughter had taken lessons from two other teachers over a 3 year period. During that period, my daughter's progress was slow, and practice sessions were always a dreaded chore. After taking a break from lessons for almost a year, Melissa was recommended to us by a friend. Within the first two weeks of beginning lessons with Melissa, my daughter began 'voluntarily' practicing throughout the day. We love Melissa's non-traditional approach to teaching piano. Rather than teaching piano basics using monotonous exercises and songs, Melissa uses music the student chooses to learn and enjoys playing. I believe that Melissa's brilliant teaching methods and ability to help each student achieve musical success is what makes her outstanding as a piano instructor. We are extremely pleased with my daughter's tremendous improvement in piano proficiency, fluency and enthusiasm.

-Ramon and Karen G.

Chetan Tierra has been teaching my students for more than two years. The kids love him and his professionalism is of the highest order. I'd considered many piano instructors for my school, but until I found Chetan, I wasn't satisfied that the instruction was top-notch while also being fun and engaging. He's the pianist I wish had taught me when I was young. He shares his love of music and of his chosen instrument with the children every week.

-Nan R.

My son has been learning piano from Chetan Tierra, for more than 2 yrs now. Needless to say, Chetan is extremely talented, but more importantly, amazingly patient with our son. He comes down to his level and makes it fun for him. We were very worried that our son would lose interest over time, as lots of kids do, but Chetan's dedictation, pleasant personality, along with his wonderful ability to connect with kids, has made our son, simply love learning from him. He looks forward to his lessons every week. Chetan is amazing, and we hope to have him teach our son, for many years to come!

-Keerti S.

Melissa has a great way of teaching the piano to little kids. My 8 year old daughter has a lot of fun and does not realize how much she learns. Watching Melissa play in different settings professionally has been a treat for us and an inspiration for my daughter. We know who will be teaching my 4 year old!

-Reshma B.

Taking piano lessons with us also brings a world class mentor into your home.

Have you ever had a teacher that you just couldn't stand to be around?

You probably hated that class or subject.

Now remember that SUPER inspiring teacher, the one who made you forget that you were even learning...

We pride ourselves in making lasting relationships with all our students to help them achieve the specific goals they're looking for.

AND we find music that excites them.

We're also mentors.

What you're learning through piano lessons isn't just piano or music, it's life skills.

It's accountability. It's self discipline. It's learning the value of being patient in the moment to achieve a more fulfilling goal.

We want to teach you to become an impatient/patient learner.

What does that mean?

It means, you are impatient to get to work, BUT you understand it takes patience in the moment to actually achieve your goals.

And with this approach, you'll get to your goals much faster.

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Important: We're not for everyone.

Read below to see if we're a good fit.

Who we're NOT for.

Who we're for

  • Parents who are uninvolved in their child's development with piano and are just looking to fill an extra activity in the week.
  • Students who are not planning to practice or do any work.
  • Beginners, intermediates, hobbyists, and advanced pianists who can communicate what they are hoping to achieve.
  • Students who understand they need to do their part and work with us to achieve the results they're looking for.

Students around the world have been going crazy and begging to learn our original piano compositions.

We're composers, song writers, and musical innovators and we would love to pass that on to you or your child.

(Watch some examples of what our students are loving to play.)

The proof is in our playing.

And our students' playing.


CHETAN TIERRA, a Yamaha artist, is an American concert pianist, composer, and songwriter. He has been seen on concert stages across America, Europe, Asia, and Africa in solo recital and with orchestra. While he has earned top prizes, performing in the world’s most prestigious piano competitions, including the Van Cliburn, Queen Elizabeth, Jose Iturbi, Seoul, Unisa, Hilton Head, and New Orleans, he has been at the forefront of innovative classical piano evolution. His Carnegie Hall debut in 2006 was praised as ‘magnificent’ by the NY Concert Review, and his charismatic persona and emotional style have led to many praises from audiences and critics alike. An avid songwriter and composer through his musical development, Chetan founded The Mosaic Quartet in early 2012 and his current band, Skyterra in 2015

(Chetan, in Europe, performing in one of the biggest piano competitions in the world.)


MELISSA EVANS TIERRA is an active pianist in a variety of musical outlets. She currently is a soloist, duo artist, collaborative artist, composer, and performs and sings with her band, Skyterra. She received her BM degree from Baylor University and her MM degree from The Cleveland Institute of Music, studying with Cliburn winning pianist, Antonio Pompa-Baldi. She also received a Postgraduate Diploma from the Koninklijk Vlaams Conservatorium in Antwerp, Belgium. Mrs. Tierra has performed recitals in Austria, Italy, Belgium, and Israel. She focuses on modern music and has frequently premiered new works on her recitals. Currently, her band is working on several recordings that feature virtuoso piano while mixing styles of classical music with modern popular genres. Melissa has also been highly praised for her collaborative skills. She enjoys coaching other pianists who are looking to improve this area of music making.

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We offer performance opportunities for you or your child with regular student recitals.

Proven benefits of piano lessons

  • Higher IQ
  • Exercises parts of the brain useful in mathematics, spatial intelligence, and other intellectual pursuits
  • Provides an 'unplugged' outlet and source of entertainment
  • Promotes creativity
  • It provides benefits to children's emotional and behavorial maturation.
  • Helps develop discipline, patience, time management and organizational skills
  • Can improve reading comprehension and verbal abilities.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety

For further information, feel free to reach out as we have tons of articles about this topic.


Mr. Chetan Tierra has been teaching my son for about 2 years. And my son always looks forward for his lessons. Mr. Tierra’s passion and dedication to music inspires my son and makes him want to practice even it is not easy to find enough time for practice (my son is a high school student). Mr. Tierra helps my son to develop a strong work ethic, attention to details, and practice diligently everyday (that helps him get better with minimal frustration). He recognizes my sons abilities in playing piano and gets the best from him. Mr. Tierra always spends extra time to teach a topic my son may be struggling with, and might even schedule extra time during the week for a follow-up lesson. This teacher is not going to waste your time. He is very well organized, has great interpersonal skills, knowledgeable at teaching piano and talented at playing piano. Mr. Tierra sets realistic goals that helps my son to succeed. He fosters in my son understanding and appreciation for music. Mr. Tierra is also a Great Pianist!

-Olga J.

Melissa is fantastic! Both of our girls (12 and 10) were losing interest in piano so, though we loved our former teacher, we made the switch to Melissa hoping the girls would respond to her. What a great decision it's been for the girls, as they look forward to learning the newer pieces she teaches them in addition to the classics. She's been a blessing.

-Bret B.

I love Melissa! Not once have my kids ever complained about practicing, and they can't seem to stop playing the piano! My kids enjoy picking songs that they like and don't mind learning them! She knows how to make them learn, while enjoying every minute! They think she is so cool and love playing for her! I highly recommend Melissa!

-Brenna V.

Focuses on minor details, makes sure she understands completely before moving on to the next piece. Always very positive, energetic, lots of patience, quite encouraging, motivating. Above all he teaches with passion.

-Radhika P.

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